What is Androgynous? As a 'look' of a female resembling a male? Popularized by actress Diane Keaton in the 1970's movie Annie Hall, and copied as fashion apparel. Perhaps it's been the fashion influence of shows like LuLaRoe Queer Eye for the Straight Guy to set the stage that it's okay for the normal Joe to take pride in his appearance. Cut out the middleman and offer customers lower prices than that of retailers.

neutrals are always in but there are more bright, bolder colors sparkling up . If you already own a pair of dark fitted denim then you have made a rightful investment, but if you still haven't found one then you better buy it soon. This is not new to India as wearing jackets was always a part of dressing up. Get one for your wardrobe now.

Scarves will be a new trend for this upcoming fall. It's possible that innovative ideas can transform one's world, for the good or the bad. They have made a great impact on the designers creative thinking, since the time their potential has been realized. It's possible that innovative ideas can transform one's world, for the good or the bad. Instead of going for the typical black consider red as suggested or even green.

Boots are really great for 2 reasons. Supermodel Naomi Campbell shot to instant celebrity fame when she was used on the cover of the French fashion magazine Vogue. In its August issue, Lucky magazine reports on fall 2008 trends. Although they are considered not very appropriate for office work where more formal designs are preferred, there are ladies who manage to make straight leg jeans for women work in official environments.

For evening wear, heels are soaring. Nothing good came out of the 90s, except Mark Wahlberg's shirtless stint in the "Good Vibrations" music video. The success ratio in modeling could be one in a million.