I received an advertisment on working for a real estate company in Colorado. They were going to train me for 4 weeks. My job is to look for stress property in my area. If they like it, they would purchase http://www.realtor.com/news/crowdfunded-real-estate/ it and pay me finder fee and then once they sell it, they would pay me percentage. They requested for the worker to invest $5,500 down,,,,Which I don't have of couse!!!

Is there any Real Estate Investing http://www.businessinsider.com/sc/how-anyone-can-invest-in-real-estate-2016-9 company that is similar, but don't require to invest money I don't have? or allow my first finder fee pay for it!? and I can really make good money? Pls, give me some good advice, I was very disppointed that the supervisor 'Anthony' wouldn't work with me. The first guy "Gregg' I spoke to told me he would work with anyone. Not true! So, pls refain from any nasty remarks, and provide information, and contacts.

Thank you for all those who really find something nice for me!!